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Meet Maegan

Maegan Shea Morrison is one of the Superstar Zumba instructors who “keeps things shaking” at Group FX. Maegan is studying to become a personal trainer and has taught Zumba at Fitness 2000’s Beach Street location.

Now she moves next door and promises that members of her sessions will have a great time getting fit. “I LOVE to dance,” she says, “My sessions are very fun and up beat – with a twist of hip hop! My fave artist right now is Pit Bull. LOVE all his songs!”

When she isn’t dancing/teaching dance the Smith Cotton High School grad likes to watch movies and hang out with family and friends – many of whom will be hanging out with her at her new digs.
What will they enjoy about Group FX?

“EVERYTHING!,” Maegan says. “It is a fun environment to work out in – not your standard boring gym. You are super-pumped and ready to start sweating as soon as you walk in and see the amazing facility. It’s a great time, and you feel like you are there to party and not just work out!”



Meet Colombian Zumbakat

Catalina Salas, a Zumba and Hot Hula instructor, started her career at Fitness 2000, and through “lots of practice” and additional training sessions has emerged as one of the nation’s premier teachers.

Catalina has been shaping students (while having about as much fun as the law allows) for the past 15 months, at a variety of fitness venues, including Fitness 2000, 24 Hour Fitness and Just Fitness 4 U. In the meantime, she also acquired a Masters Degree in Computer Science, so it’s fair to say that she’s equal parts brains, beauty and brawn.

Her favorite pastimes include dancing, going out to movies, dancing, traveling, dancing, shopping and dancing. Oh, did we mention she likes dancing? She especially favors the salsa, merengue, other latin-flavored dances and some hip hop, and her favorite artists include Pitbull, Shakira and Don Omar.

She describes herself as “happy,” but she waxed much more profusely about her gig at Group FX: “When I’m asked what makes it special, I have to say the environment and atmosphere – the lights, the stage, the DJ, etc. Group FX offers FANTASTIC fitness training, with an unbelievable atmosphere.”


Meet Dawn

If excitement-swelling, heart-thumping, body-moving, sweat-inducing workouts are your game, you’ll definitely want to visit Group FX whenever Group Exercise instructor Dawn Tiner is “in the house.”

Superstar Dawn teaches Bodypump, TurboKick, PiYo, Strength and BootCamp sessions at the hottest new fitness venue, and, in a word, her sessions “Rock!”

“I was lucky enough to receive exceptional training in the beginning of my fitness career that leads me to execute top-notch presentation skills every time I teach,” she says.

Getting to do that at Group FX is … well … gravy.

“The success of any fitness program is dependent upon the individual’s commitment to regular exercise,” Dawn says. “The environment and quality of instructors that Group FX offers provides members with the motivation they need to show up for every workout because it is ‘a show’ and not just a work out that must be done.”

Dawn’s professional resume is impressive. Since beginning her fitness career in 2008, she has earned certifications through AFFA (group exercise and kickboxing), 24 Hour Fitness (resistance, movement, aqua, Everlast shadowbox and cycle) and The Cooper Institute (certified personal trainer). She also has achieved certifications with both Les Mills (body pump) and Powder Blue Productions (Turbo Kick, Hip Hop, Hustle and PiYo). She is currently studying for her ACE certified personal trainer certification.

She has taught a variety of sessions at 24 Hour Fitness, Fitness 2000 and the YMCA, including Strength, Boot Camp, Step, Kickboxing, Everlast Shadow Box, PiYo, Hustle, Turbo Kick, Aqua, Cycle and Body Pump.

When you add all that up, you get a great instructor ready to do some great instructing at the greatest of venues.

In other words: Are you ready to rock?

Sherri Isham

Meet Sherri Isham

If Sculpt is your game, Sherri Isham is THE name you need to remember.

Sherri teaches FxSculp and Fx Works at Group FX, where she’s a favorite of hundreds of students who got to know her at Fitness 2000 and who are following her next door. fun.

Sherri has a Communications degree from the University of Texas at Arlington, which she puts to great use communicating the ways of fitness at her hot, new venue.

She has taught a variety of group exercise sessions since 2006, including strength, dance, pilates, bootcamp, athletic style formats and cycle sessions. She was recently certified in R.I.P.P.E.D and has her AFAA certification, as well as her CPR certification.

For fun, Sherri loves spending time with her family and friends. “I am very involved in my children’s activities and sports, and I love shopping and hanging with my friends,” she says.

Most of the music used in her sessions will be favorites from the Top 40 category – “everything from Maroon 5 to Pit Bull” – but she might throw in some AC/DC or a little MC Hammer from time to time, just to get things going.

Sherri is excited about what’s in store for Group FX patrons. “The lights, stage and music are all amazing at FX,” she says. “The instructors are phenomenal! The energy they bring to the atmosphere provides the members with a workout like none other. This combination is explosive, taking the workout to a whole new level.”

It's a Party and a Workout