Who We Are

Spoiler alert: As soon as you walk through the door at Group FX the person next to you is going to look you in the eyes and say, “Wow.” And then he or she is going to reconsider and add an exclamation point. And then you’re both going to nod your heads – in concert – as you decide what all the other nodding heads around you are deciding:

“Now, this is a fitness experience I can get into!”

Indeed, Group FX isn’t your father’s “workout place,” where X amount of reps and Y amount of stationary laps inevitably eventually produces a huge amount of ZZZZZZZZs.

Group FX is music and lights, bouncing to and from all corners of the room, performing a sensual symphony. It’s an entertainer, who also happens to be a fitness superstar, standing on a stage and imploring the gathered masses to “feel the music” even as they “feel the burn.” It’s a social gathering with – get this – people in just the same shape you are, who are – get this – happily getting in better shape even as they’re just as happily having fun doing it.

We’ve done the research – having fun is good for you. So, are you ready to have some fun?

What We Are

Group FX is a new concept in fitness programs based on the notion that training not only doesn’t have to be monotonous – it should be enjoyable.

That’s why we’ve turned the training center into a virtual dance club, complete with brilliant light shows and lively music, along with entertaining instructors who have crafted exhilarating training regimens that anyone can do – and that everyone will want to do.

Think Zumba to the Nth degree – or to whatever degree entails exercise programs that run the gamut. Our superstar instructors offer sessions in a wide range of disciplines – and almost certainly in one you’ll enjoy, no matter what kind of shape you are in starting out.

From strength-enhancement training to serious aerobic workouts, each session turns up the music and turns on the lights to create the perfect setting for developing bodies, for developing friendships and for developing regular, fun fitness routines that won’t grow boring over time.

Why We Are

Group FX isn’t just another fitness center. It’s a unique exercise experience that makes working out fun, regardless of your fitness level or training experience.

We’re here to help both veterans and newcomers alike find a new way to keep and remain fit by combining time-tested conditioning programs with cutting-edge technology to produce a workout like no other.

At Group FX, fun is the trump card – and the drawing card. Our sessions are set to energized musical beats and synched with a state-of-the-art light system that team to create a “dance club” setting where everyone can get work up a sweat without sweating how they look doing it.

Our all-star instructors are among the best fitness trainers in the nation. They have devoted lifetimes to helping their students become healthier. At Group FX, they are also devoting unparalleled expertise to show club members unique and exciting new training concepts that are as enjoyable as they are beneficial.

The bottom line: We want you to enjoy working out. At Group FX we make sure that you do.

It's a Party and a Workout