When We Dance

Group FX schedules sessions both during day hours and in the evenings to accommodate your busy schedule. Our staff will work with you to find the fitness program and time that best fits your individual need.

In addition, we host special themed events almost every week – veritable exercise parties that you’ll want to add to your personal itinerary.

Be sure to check out our calendar regularly to ensure that you can secure a place on the exercise/dance floor right when the lights come on and the music starts.

Oh, and if you want to bring a friend … well, that will double the fun.

Join the party here.


Where We Dance

Group FX is easy to find. We’re located at 7420 N. Beach Street in Fort Worth, Texas, at the corner of North Beach and Basswood. Of course, you might not even need directions; just follow the line of cars heading to the hottest fitness center in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

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How We Dance

As you’ve likely already discovered, Group FX isn’t like all the other area fitness centers. We’re not just about repetitious exercise programs that do the body good, but ignore the imagination.

Here you find reputed, enthusiastic trainers who are as interested in the experience as they are the results. Forget pumping iron – Group FX sessions are all about pumping up your enthusiasm as you build a healthy body, and we spare no measures to ensure that once you set foot in the door, you’ll come back again and again.

From the lively song selection that booms throughout the training area and establishes a rhythmic pace to help you complete each exercise to the spectacular light show that transforms the room from a “gym” to a “gem of an experience,” Group FX is a fitness phenomenon, each and every time you exercise.

You will marvel over time at how you can craft a healthier, more attractive body simply by joining others “on the dance floor” for a succession of fun, exciting and bounds-stretching maneuvers crafted to produce a happier, healthier you.

Trust us on this one: You will be both after a few weeks at Group FX.

It's a Party and a Workout